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Get Rid of Maggots, Flies & Odor with Canfresh

Now Only $292 USD

Sustainable Design

 Approx. $380 CAD

Store Organics up to 4 Weeks

Best for Residential and Offices

5 Years Warranty

Made for North America, with Qualified Certifications

14 Days Money back Guarantee

No maggots, No foul smells

The system forces the humidity and temperature change sharply inside the can to reduce garbage odor and prevent maggots.

ETL certified for Canada and USA,

Energy Efficiency Valuation qualified.

Patent Pending in USA and Canada,

Rated Power:    115V, 60HZ , 200W
Storage:             -15℃–40℃,
Operation:            6℃–40℃,

Canfresh Sophisticated Controls

Canfresh Sophisticated Controls


Humidity and Temperature Control Patterns

Humidity and Temperature Control Patterns


Control Unit Spec.

Model Type:  DHG100

Control Panel

  • ETL certified for Canada/USA.
  • Energy Efficiency qualified.
  • Multi-pattern controller.


Functions an Specs:

DHG100 controller:

  • Display: Time, temperature, relative humidity.
  • Automatic garbage bin position sensing.
  • Robust Steel Case.

Daily Power Consumption:

  • 0.04kwH@ 12℃ and below.
  • 0.7kwH@ 20℃.
  • 1.4kwH@ 26℃ or higher.

Dimensions: H-49 cm D-20 cm W-26 cm

Gross weight: 15.3 kg

Garbage Can Specs:

Model Type: NPL

  • Enforced pest screens
  • Made of long lasting UV-rated plastics.
  • Compatible with most cities’ green bin programs.
  • Designed for both manual / automatic handling.
  • Heavy duty storage and recycling can with wheels.
  • Raccoon-proof, fly-proof, washable.
  • All Vermin-proof Design.
  • Max. Capacity: 20 gallons, (60 kg by weight).
  • Dimensions: H-83cm  W-43cm  D-45cm.
  • Gross Weight: 9.1 kg.
Canfresh System Includes
  • 1 Control Unit (DHG100)
  • 1 Wheeled Garbage Can


What You’ll receive in Package
  • 1 Control Unit (DHG100)
  • 1 Wheeled Garbage Can
  • 1 Installation Accessory Kit
  • 1 User’s Instructions
After You receive the Package
  • Read the installation instructions.
  • Install the Control Unit on wall.
  • Plug in and ready to use.
  • No settings required.

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For Customers in Canada

  1. Shipping and delivery: Next day shipping, arrival within 10 business days
  2. GST/HST applied for Canadian customers
  3. Payment: Visa, Master, American Express
  4. Return and refund: within 14 days of receipt
  5. Our services don’t cover Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest. Please contact us before order if you are in these districts.

For Customers in USA

  1. Shipping and delivery : Next day shipping, arrival within 10 business days.
  2. Taxes/custom duty NOT applied for customers in USA.
  3. Payment: Visa, Master, American Express
  4. Return and refund: within 14 days of receipt.
  5. Our services don’t cover Hawaii and Alaska. Please contact us before order if you are in these districts.

Canfresh Contact Information:

CanadaVFD Corp. Ltd
Unit 3, 38 Auriga Drive,
Ottawa, ON, Canada, K2E8A5


Please visit us at:

Washing the trash can is the most unpleasant one to me.
I got a Canfresh installed in my garage in May, and it is working great. The trash can never goes messy.
Canfresh is a cool design, and is really helpful.

Edward Y

Ottawa, Ontario

I totally support residential recycling with new technology.

Most residents in our community are positive in city’s green bin program. But when this program comes into a routine, new problems pop up.
Before green bin programs, people put organic waste in sealed bags. Smell, flies and maggots seemed not a problem.
But in green bin program, sealed plastic bags is no longer acceptable.  Foul smell, flies and maggots become problems in summer.

Laura S

Toronto, Ontario

I collect only 5-6 pound organic garbage each week. I pulled the bin to curb side every Wednesday, the green bin was usually less than 1/10 full.
We installed a Canfresh DHG100 recently. Now I do the green bin  dumping once 3 to 4 weeks, a big relief for me.

Daniel J

Nepean, Ontario

City collection comes once a week. We usually put the organics in compostable bags and stored in the freezer to reduce odors. And things get simplified after we bought a Canfresh Odorless Bin.
The equipment costs a lot, but worth it. Now We don’t use compostable bags, ( one bag costs $0.35,  we usually used 2 bags each day ).

John Z

Barrhaven, Ontario

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Ready to get your home or office clean? Buy Canfresh today and get rid of maggots, flies and odors.

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