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Canfresh Services

Fourteen (14) days’ return policy.
One(1) year warranty
against defects in workmanship and materials.
Limited five(5) years warranty
against defects in the sealed system.

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Canfresh, Canadavfd

Unit 3,  38 Auriga Drive, Ottawa, ON,
Canada. K2E 8A5,

Tel: 001-613-526-3436



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Business Oppertunity

Canfresh Business Opportunities

  1. Finding harder and harder to make a profit in today’s business environment ?
  2. Seeing more and more competitions in traditional markets ?
  3. Why don’t you think about expanding your business into a new market ?
Business opportunities are available with Canfresh:
  1. Innovative and cutting-edge technology, first-of-the-kind products, new and potential market.
  2. Franchisee/ Authorized dealer opportunities are open in the USA and Canada.
  3. Canfresh allows for one franchising partner / authorized dealer in each district with maximum population of max.250,000.
  4. Canfresh provides turn-key training in sales, installation, maintenance and repair.
Necessary qualifications included:
  • Motivation to run a long-term business is essential.
  • Must have experiences in local sales.
  • Must have existing or potential customer sources in your local area, for example, customers in your HAV repair business,
  • Must have skills to do simple installations and equipment parameter adjusting,
  • A team of two to four is the best;  a family-based business is preferable.

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