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Get Rid of Maggots, Flies & Odor with Canfresh

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How can we get rid of the stale air odor in garage?

This is much easier than dealing with refrigerator odors. A 30-second ventilation is sufficient. As soon as you open the main door, the smell is gone. When temperature is below 20 ℃, the odor is hardly to be noticeable. In most cases, this kind of odor is distinctive and never becomes foul.

We experienced foul odors last Sunday; it was 25 ℃ and a normal day. Why?

When the system stops working, foul smells will occur in fewer than 12 hours, just as in an ordinary bin. There are 3 possible reasons that this happens:

  1. You did not position the garbage can so it is not firmly aligned with the fixed equipment ( the control unit DHG100). When garbage can is out of working position, the system stops working. (the RED light flashes).
  2. A power supply failure or someone accidentally switched off the power or unplugged the equipment.
  3. The equipment itself has failed; in this case, please call Canfresh for service.
The RED light was flashing three times in one week. , How do we deal with this?

When the RED light flashes, the system stops working and foul smells will occur within hours on hot days. This may be because the garbage can is not completely vertical on the side with the hole. When you position the garbage can, you have to TILT it, push toward the fixed part ( DHG100 ) and rock it slightly back and forth. Keep tilting and pushing until  the RED light  is  OFF.


I have tried you your suggestion from Q4, but it didn’t help me.
  1. This may be because the floor is too smooth or slippery to hold the garbage can in position.
  2. Please place a used mat or rug underneath the garbage can.

    A used mat or rug with turf texture will hold the garbage can in position.

The size of the mat or rug should be large than 22 in X 22 in (55 cm X 55 cm) , that will hold the can steady. Keep tilting or rocking the can slightly until the RED light is OFF.

Can I put powdery waste such as cat litter in my Canfresh container?

Please don’t place powdery material directly into your Canfresh container. The system uses forced ventilation inside the container. If there is powdery material inside, it will choke the ventilation system and damage the equipment. However, if you wrap the powder up completely with paper, it is acceptable. Unfortunately, Canfresh does not eliminate the smell of cat litter.

Canfresh is fly-free, but there are still flies flying around in my garage. Why?

There is a small hole on top of the container lid in some models; it is a fly trap. Flies usually get into the container by tracing the food, but they will never get out again. The flies will be deactivated hours later due to sharp temperature and humidity changes. They will never be able to lay eggs and develop maggots inside the container.

However, flies are drawn to food and track it. Only better ventilation of you garage will help in getting rid of flies completely.

How much garbage can I put into the container each time?
  1. Canfresh Basic is designed to take up to 3 lbs. of organic garbage each day;   this usually meets the needs of a family of up to 4 persons. However, there is no problem if you deposit more organic garbage. Canfresh will handle it.
  2. The more garbage you add each time, the longer time it takes to cool down and dry up. Sometimes, this creates more odors, but the garbage never smells foul as it does in an ordinary green bin.
What kinds of waste can I put into the Canfresh Bin?

Bread, cereals, crackers and grains, Baking ingredients, herbs and spices, Candy and gum, Chips, popcorn and nuts, Coffee grounds and filters, Cookies, cakes, muffins and pastries, Dairy products (cheese, sour cream),Dough, Eggs and egg shells, Fruits and vegetables, Jams, jellies, marmalades or chutney, Leftover cooking oils, lard, shortening, fat, butter and margarine, Meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, bones and scraps, Nuts and shells,Pasta, beans, rice and couscous, Peanut butter, Pet food, Pits (all types), Salad dressing, mayonnaise, vinegar, sauces, marinades, dips and gravy, Seeds, Tea and tea bags, Leaves, Plants and weeds, Grass clippings, Animal bedding (e.g. bird and hamster cages), Butcher’s meat wrap, Cotton balls, Dryer lint, Food-soiled paper towels, napkins and tissues, Food-soiled pizza boxes only (clean pizza boxes should go in the black box), Household plants, Microwave popcorn bags, Paper coffee cups, plates and muffin wrappers, Pet fur, hair and feathers,Soiled paper, boxboard and cardboard, Sugar, flour and potato paper bags, Waxed paper, cardboard and cold drink cups, Wooden popsicle sticks and toothpicks.

No Liquid, No Powder !

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