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Get Rid of Maggots, Flies & Odor with Canfresh

Canfresh Makes Garbage Recycling Simple and Easy

Not only Canfresh  prevents garbage odors or foul smells, but also makes residential garbage recycling easier and practical.

About 45% of residential garbage is compostable organics. Organic recycling is a major part of every North America city’s go-green strategy.  Diverting residential organic waste away from landfills saves city millions of dollars by reducing the need for new landfill sites. Garbage recycling is important for saving our Planet, but we had no simple ways until Canfresh makes it happen .

Now,  with Canfresh,  garbage storing, collecting and composting are easy and simple.

Canfresh R&D team has been working for years on organics processing,  recycling and composting in Canada.

With modern technologies, Canfresh provides quality kitchen waste solutions including odorless garbage cans, garbage dehydrating systems and automatic in-kitchen garbage collection systems.


Canfresh products can improve organic waste recycling by :

  1. Reducing organic waste odors or foul smells,  making garbage recycling easier.
  2. Making garbage less humid,  reducing the volume and simplifying handling.
  3. Storing houshold organics up to 4-week without worry.
  4. Saving money than using composting bags.
  5. Helping to make your kitchen cleaner and our planet greener.


This is a WIN-WIN for customers and environment.

Canfresh is the smart way to manage your waste

Canfresh has three different systems for kitchen waste storage and recycling


Type 1. Canfresh DHG100 system: The Basic Solution

The Canfresh DHG100 consists of a cooling and dehumidifying unit and a movable garbage can. The system keeps the kitchen waste lower in humidity and temperature, reducing the garbage odors. Canfresh DHG100 is fly-proof, raccoon-proof, washable and movable. You can use the can like an ordinary green bin, storing garbage whenever you want and taking the can to the curb on city garbage collection day. Each Canfresh garbage can has a capacity of 20 gallons (60kg by weight). It will hold more than two weeks waste for most families.

The running cost is less than 20 cents each day ( 0.7 kwH at 20℃, max 1.4kwH in hotter days). With Canfresh, you don’t need kitchen paper liners (or composting bags). You are saving money because each compostable garbage liner costs more than 20 cents.  It automatically shuts off when temperature is below 12 ℃, so it costs almost nothing in winter. This model is now available in North America.


Type 2. Canfresh dehydration garbage cans: The Advanced Solution

This system is designed for small families. It can take two pounds of organic garbage every day, and keep the garbage from foul smelling without storage time limitation. The system can dehydrate the garbage until nearly dry. You can dump garbage as frequently as 3 weeks or even longer. You will never need to worry about it when you have a long holiday.
(This model will be available in North America in 2017.)


Type 3. Canfresh in-kitchen-counter system: The Ultimate Solution

The most complex system in our product line, it  allows you to store garbage for an almost unlimited amount of time. The system automatically collects solid and half-solid organic waste from kitchen sinks, stores the waste in a built-in container, and continually dehydrates the garbage until it is totally dried.

This system is fully automatic, and the processed garbage is dry, ready for city recycling or residential composting. The system consists multi-MPU and multi-sensors and works based on your kitchen conditions such as humidity, temperature and garbage volume. This sophisticated system is designed for each customer and will be installed by a trained technician. (This model will be available in North America in 2018.)

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