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Get Rid of Bad Smells, Flies & Maggots with Canfresh

Canfresh makes your home cleaner

Garbage Storage and Recycling System
 Makes your kitchen waste less odorous and less messy

No maggots, No flies, Few odors, No worries

Canfresh Garbage Recycle System

Canfresh Garbage Recycle


Stop Worrying about the Maggots & Flies

Canfresh is a garbage storage and recycling system which makes your home or office organic waste less odorous and less messy.

No maggots, no flies, few odors, no worries. Canfresh is always the best solution.

It forces the humidity and temperature to drop sharply inside the garbage can, preventing flies from laying eggs and developing maggots. sparing you from the foul odors of organic garbage.

With Canfresh, kitchen garbage odors or foul smells are NO LONGER annoying problems.

Canfresh will make your life easier.

It’s the smarter way of handling the garbage.

Canfresh is the Smart Garbage Storage

Canfresh system effectively reduce garbage odor and prevent maggots.

It is the hassle free solution for odor free homes, offices, schools, hospitals and apartment buildings.

It also reduces the daily cost of garbage storage and recycling. The running cost is less than  20 cents each day.

0.7 kwH at 20℃, max 1.4kwH on hotter days

With Canfresh you don’t need kitchen paper liners (or composting bags).

You are saving money because each compostable garbage liner costs more than 20 cents.

Less Mess, Fewer Odors, More Recycling



making the kitchen garbage less odorous, less messy,  and holding garbage for longer time.


User friendly

the equipment is easy and convenient to use, you set and forget ! Use the bin just like regular bin but without the mess of regular bins !


Good for Planet

by maximizing the organic waste recycling, making residential composting easier,  you are protecting the Environment.


Save Money and Health

Canfresh reduces the daily cost of garbage storage and recycling. No Maggots & Flies. You are keeping yourself and your love-ones healthier.

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Ready to get your home or office clean? Buy Canfresh today and get rid of maggots, flies and odors.

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